The connections between game and The Syndicate which includes other internet marketing scams from penis enlargement BS to other forms of dating advice run very deep.   (Yes, The Syndicate is responsible for the penis enlargement spam in your inbox. Best of all, Vince genuinely care about his student’s personal growth. 1k answer views Who started all of the game crap we now see. He helps people with their critical thinking and improvement in all areas of their life. He’s the creator of Seduction Coaching one of the best companies for seduction teaching in the community, with clients in over 32 countries. In the past, he has reached over 17000 hours of one-one-one sessions and has addressed over 2500 audiences worldwide. ) Where does The Syndicate come from and how is it connected to game. His ideas are very practical and innovative.

It is a mix of improvisation in a natural way with high potent structured skills to reach the highest sexual conductivity.   But Roissy did not come up with game on his own.   We know about The Syndicate due to the work of Jason Jones, a lawyer living in Chicago who runs The Salty Droid blog documenting The Syndicate and internet marketing scams in general.   He got it from others as promoting game acts as a pyramid scheme.   (The only exception to this would be dating advice from someone who specifically attacks the seduction community such as [fimage] Vince Kelvin is born in Europe and now he lives in L. Block details:Quora UpdateCancel Answer Wiki Answered 147w ago · Author has 83 answers and 117.   Frank Kern is the internet marketing scammer who invented the concept of “syndicates” where internet marketing con artists get together to boost each other.   The Syndicate is behind lots of online scams beyond game/PUA such as internet marketing scams and penis enlargement scams.   The only difference is that internet marketing con artists are much more effective than the so called manosphere at separating people from their money.

  (David DeAngelo is a name Eben Pagan used to promote his game scam so they are the same person. Vince has a lifestyle that is very inspiring.   Eventually, one of the individuals in The Syndicate was Eben Pagan which makes the connection between game and The Syndicate even more obvious..
. He has lot of knowledge and experience to develop a life style and identity.   Some of you might be familiar with Eben Pagan/David DeAngelo who is the creator of game in its current iteration (although he rehashed R.   Frank Kern has more links to game which is why I said that Eben Pagan isn’t a complete answer to who is behind game. )  Eben Pagan is a member of an organization of internet marketing con artists that calls itself The Syndicate. Quora UpdateCancel Answer Wiki Answered 147w ago · Author has 83 answers and 117. .


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